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Food is our passion. At Bakeorium we put our heart and soul into each baked item to ensure our products meet our high standards.

Made-to-order, we provide you with the option for customisation to meet your needs.


My Story


My name is Angeline – the creator of Bakeorium

Baking has always been a passion of mine since I was a young girl, however in 2015-16 I went through a tough time and realised I could find escape and happiness through baking. [Everything happens for a reason right?]

In 2017, I decided to put myself first and travel to the other side of the world to pursue my happiness. Luckily for me, my workplace was very supportive of me and I took 14 weeks off work to learn the basics of baking at Kul In, a Culinary Institute in Croatia. 

Why Croatia? 

  • During that time i was looking for a short course (a few months) which included accommodation 
  • I wanted to learn the basics and the chemistry behind baking 
  • I wanted to travel to another country and develop myself as a cook and as a person 
  • During that time there was a lot of conflict in the world with bombings and attacks – Croatia seemed to be protected. 

Kul In provided me with everything I wanted and needed. 

The May intake for 2017 was small, a total of three people. Although small, we became close friends, we became family – and still to this day we are supporting each other.

Having studied here I quickly realised how much joy and happiness I was gaining, and I knew baking was something I had to pursue. 

Returning back home to Perth, Australia, I knew I had to start something. But fearing I would fail and fail in my dreams, I dragged my feet for some time. 

Finally I entered the Royal Show baking competition in 2018 to get objective feedback. I didn’t expect to win, I just wanted feedback on my products. When the competition ended, I found out I won two first prizes, one second prize and also won the overall prize for the competition.

Then a switch flicked, maybe my goods were good enough and I knew inaction was my failure.

Three years on, and here I am. Bakeorium. 

My love for baking means I focus on taste and quality

I don’t use shortcuts, and where I can, I make everything from scratch. 

This has meant that the goods from Bakeorium are not the cheapest on the market, but I stand by every product we make and supply. 

I love the feeling of bringing people together, and I hope our baked goods will do just that. Bring people together and bring happiness. 

I focus on taste and quality, not quantity. Everything is handmade and I support local businesses where I can, because like them, I am trying to fulfill a dream.

Thank you, 




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