Honey Cake

Honey Cake

Made from 100% raw unprocessed local honey, our honey cakes are perfect with a cup of tea or coffee.

Bakeorium’s honey cake has been tried and tested. Our recipe finds the delicate balance between honey and  dulce de leche to showcase the golden honey within.

Our handmade cakes are comprised of sheets of biscuit, filled with delicate layers dulce de leche and coated with Australian grown walnuts and biscuit crumb.

Order Information

At Bakeorium we offer the honey cakes in 3 standard sizes and a number of flavours


Mini (Favours)
serves 1

approx 4-5 serves

approx 12-15 serves

approx 24-30 serves

We also offer custom sizes to suit your needs and your event. 

Our current minimum order: Mini (30), Small (5)  


At Bakeorium, we have a few flavours on offer.
Contact us for more information.

* all orders incur a 2.2% transaction fee

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